Sarasota School of (Commercial) Architecture

The Sarasota School of Architecture, the group of designers who adapted the International Style to Florida’s west coast beginning in the 1940s, are well known for their houses and institutional buildings. But the Sarasota School’s commercial buildings receive much less attention. It’s understandable; many of the buildings look like any other commercial building constructed after World War II, and none is in pristine condition. But a few, particularly those designed by Victor Lundy, are one-of-a-kind.

655 Plaza de Santo Domingo, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce (Pagoda Building), 1956. Victor Lundy



Pagoda Lundy

1575 Main Street (1959). Architect unknown20130311-223850.jpg

1851 Hawthorne Street (1961). Tim Seibert20130311-223910.jpg

Doctors Gardens (1957). Unknown architect20130311-223924.jpg


2051 Main Street, Lawyers Professional Building (1961). Frank Folsom Smith20130311-223946.jpg


339-361 St. Armand’s Circle (1960). Tim Seibert20130312-174707.jpg

25 S. Osprey Avenue (1957). Victor Lundy20130311-224000.jpg

261 S. Orange Avenue (1960). William Rupp

1551 Second Street. Chamber of Commerce (1969). Jack West20130311-224029.jpgs

318 S. US 301 (1949). Paul Rudolph.


I don’t think Paul Rudolph would want his name attached to this.

533 S. US 301 (1958). Victor Lundy.20130226-201300.jpg


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