I’m a graduate of the University of Florida’s historic preservation master’s degree program, and I work as an architectural historian. I also have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from UF.

I began this blog in May 2009 to chronicle the summer I spent on Nantucket. Now I write about heritage sites I have visited or historic preservation issues I find interesting.


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  1. George Hecht

    I am surprised we have not crossed paths. I have been researching and photographing Chert Houses for several years but only have about 110. Let’s get together.

  2. Kristin Hawkins

    My husband & I own a chert house and fell in love with the architectural features of this home. We are concerned that very large commercial structure has plans to build within 100 feet from us. Have you done any work with the impact of new construction and it’s affects on nearby chert houses and their structural stability?

  3. please send me an email when you get a chance. I am also a UF Alum doing Hist Pres law and I have a need for a historic architecture preservationist to help with a designation application, asap
    (239) 910-5464

  4. Hey! UF Alum and Gainesville resident. History major turned photographer. Are you in the Gainesville area?

  5. Congratulations, lovely work! Definitely, I’ll be following your page and work both as a historian and preservationist. I’am the director of the Master en Restauraci√≥n de Monumentos de arquitectura (ETSABarcelona). May be you will enjoy (and collaborate if you feel like) our web on Modern architecture

  6. Thank you for the well-researched and well-written entry on the Hermitage Artist Retreat. All those interested in historic preservation owe their gratitude to the good citizens of Englewood and Manasota Key who campaigned passionately to save these buildings from destruction, and to former Sarasota County Arts Council Director Patricia Caswell who had the original vision to restore and adapt these buildings to serve individual artists from around the world. Now, adding 10 years of maintenance and repair to the costs of restoration, the private citizens of our community and local foundations have contributed nearly $2 million of private money to this public asset.

    -Bruce Rodgers
    Executive Director
    Hermitage Artist Retreat

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