Four-Year Anniversary

Today marks the fourth anniversary of this blog’s first post. For previous anniversary posts, go here, here, and here.

Last month, I did something I never did in this blog’s four years: I didn’t post an entry. Most of my research and writing is dedicated to the Past Lives series I do for, so I abandoned my goal to post at least one entry here per month. That is is not to say this blog is over. It just means the entries I do post will be of a higher quality–I hope– than if I posted monthly.

My preservation career has continued to progress in the past year. Besides writing the aforementioned Past Lives, I still work as an architectural historian for a cultural resources management company. I attended Section 4(f) and historic road trainings in November, and I presented my thesis findings at the DOCOMOMO U.S. conference last month. 

In the past three years, this blog and its 78 posts have been viewed 28,204 times, though about 150 of those hits were me  after Word Press unknowingly logged me out. This is up from 2,490 hits after the first year, 6,409 after the second, and 15,542 after the third.

The most popular post this past year again was Cocoon House with 1,220 hits, bringing its all-time total to 2,825–the most for an entry. Of the posts written in the past year, the top three most popular were:

Along with St. Pete Shuffle, Newport’s Cliff WalkNewport Casino, and Ichetucknee Springs State Park represent my best entries of the year. The busiest day was September 6, 2012, when I received 382 hits–a record for this site. The busiest month was January with 1,550, a monthly record for the site.

I continue to post links to preservation-related articles on the Gator Preservationist Facebook page, and I have started to post my own photos on that page. The page has 98 likes, not including myself.

I have trips planned this year for New Orleans and San Francisco, so I hope to post entries related to those cities. Until next year, thanks for reading.


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